The original 123Movies was created long time ago but unfortunately it was closed in 2017 and no one knows exactly why. We are sure it was the biggest website in the streaming niche at that time. Even maybe the biggest of all time. It used to offer a very large collection of movies and tv series and everyone loved that website. People believed it will never exist a site as good as 123Movies after this one was closed, but meanwhile a lot of similar sites started to appear online and some of them ar even better than the original one.
Is123Movies is here to fulfill all your needs when it comes to watching movies and tv series online. With a very big database of content available in HD quality, a friendly interface and less ads than the majority, Is123Movies may become your favorite streaming site. If not, there is a list of the most recommended alternatives. Just look through them and you will find something nice for sure.
Alternatives for 123Movies
1. 123Movies.Cafe
Inspired by the original 123Movies, this website promises to offer you the best user experience while watching movies online because of the modern design and the friendly and very well organized interface. All the movies and tv series can be filtered by most viewed, top IMDb, user’s rating, genres and many more.
If you can’t find your favorite content on 123Movies.Cafe then just use the searchbox and every movie or tv show will be available within seconds. This website has ads, so we recommend you to use AdBlock while browsing here.
2. GoMovies.Li
GoMovies is another brand who started growing after the original 123Movies was shutted down. People started to appreciate GoMovies because of their massive collection of free movies and tv series available in high quality. Another advantage of using this site is they are updating their database daily with latest news so this is a good place for those who want fresh content.
3. Putlocker.Beer
Putlocker has a very similar design with other 123Movies sites but better organized. They are offering thousands of movies and tv series and all of them can be watched without creating an account. The content on Putlocker is in HD quality and becomes available for you with just a few clicks.
A very useful feature of Putlocker is their ”Latest news” section which every tv enthusiast will like. There you can read about the newest rumors from the cinema world or you can be inspired by packages and collections like ”Best Christmas Movies” or ”Top Horror Movies” and many more.
4. 123MoviesLa.Com
123MoviesLa is one of the best options when it comes to online streaming. Their database contains lots of movies and tv series, including old ones but also the latest releases. They are making daily updates, adding new content within a few minutes after the tv release.
This website’s interface is very organized. If you are not decided which movie you want to watch then simply take a look at their selections like IMDb rating, featured or most popular. If this is not enough, a well-working searchbox is available for those who already know the name of their favorite productions.
5. 123MoviesBack.Org
This is the last website on our recommandation list, but this fact doesn’t make it weaker than the other sites from this list. 123MoviesBack has a very big database made of HD movies and tv series and all of them are available for free. No registration needed on this website, so you can watch movies without losing time when creating an account.
123MoviesBack has a simple and modern design, with beautiful colors, an unique logo and very useful categories and filters. It has a big article on the homepage which explains a little from the 123Movies’s history for the curious ones and also a short how to watch tutorial for those who still don’t know how this kind of websites works.
A very good feature of this website is the ”New Episodes” section where all the episodes are organized by the release date, so it works like a calendar, an old feature from ProjectFreeTv if anyone remembers. It is very useful when you want to see only the tv shows released on a certain day.